Ponga mountains - Further Information

All the following are in Spanish unless otherwise stated.

Books and maps.

  • "ElCordal de Ponga", by Juan Delgado, published by Ediciones SZ in1988; probably thebest book on the Ponga mountain range (but not the whole naturalpark), a big hardback with plenty of old black and white photographs,and a detailed 1:25,000 map (again of the mountain range but not thewhole natural park).
  • "Ponga- un paraje legendario - guía de rutas", by Arancha LosaGarcía and José Carlos Mori Montes, publishedby Trabe in 2004; brief descriptions of the area, and a selection ofwalking routes.
  • "Itinerarios por Los Beyos", by Gerardo López González, published by Trea in1997; descriptions and walking routes for the Beyos villages.
  • "Guía de los bosques de Asturias", by Tomás Emilio Díaz and AntonioVázquez, published by Trea in 2004; detailed information about theforests of Asturias, including Peloña, with walking routes.
  • "Asturias- Paraíso Natural - parques, reserves naturales, paisajesprotegidos", published by the government of Asturias in 2005; briefdescriptions of all the parks in Asturias, with acceptable Englishtranslations.
  • "Guía de Ponga -tradición y paisaje", by Ángel Mato Díaz and José Arias Canga,published by Ponga council; short overview of the area, with somewalking routes.
  • "Parque Natural de Ponga - tradición y paisaje", published by Cajasturand Ponga council; short overview of the area, with useful phonenumbers.
  • "Mapade Ponga y su entorno", by Faustino Martín Hidalgo and ManuelCarrero Pinedo, published by Vetusta mountaingroup (Oviedo) in 1995; probably the best map of the natural park andsurroundings, concentrating on mountains, ridges, and passes(1:50,000).
  • Spanish military maps, published by "Servicio Geográfico del Ejército",1:25,000. 

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