Sueve mountains - Introduction

The Sueve mountain range is a small limestone massif that rises abruptly from the coastal plains of eastern Asturias, northern Spain.

The highest point is the summit of Picu Pierzu(1159m), which is only4km from the sea, commanding lofty views ofthe nearby beaches anddistant mountains. On the eastern edge of the range is the famous Fito viewpoint, often regarded as the finest view point in the whole ofAsturias. Picu Pierzu itself surpasses even this, with views as fareast as the beaches of Cantabria, as far west as the headland of CaboPeñas beyond Gijón, and as far inland as the three jagged massifs ofthe Picos de Europa, and the Cordillera Cantabrica mountain chain thatforms the border with León.

The Sueve is known for its populations of Asturcones, the locoal breed of semi-wild horses, and of introduced fallow deer, as well as the yew forests on its northern slopes. It is classified as a protected landscape.

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