Atlantic climate

Green Spain has a temperate Atlantic climate, and Asturias the changeable weather associated with a coastal mountain region.

The temperatures in general are slightly higher than in the UK, particularly so in spring, autumn and winter when the average temperature is about 4ºC higher than the south of England.

The highest levels of rain are between November and February, but it can rain at any time of the year, it is therefore always advisable to bring a light raincoat when visiting this area.
The weather can change quite quickly in a short period of time, and can also change quite dramatically over relatively short distances. It is possible to start the day with a thick mist, which burns away leaving a bright sunny day, the reverse is also possible. The existence of these many different microclimates and variability of the weather is due to the proximity of the high Mountains to the sea.

At Hotel Posada del Valle we can inform our guests on a daily basis as to the weather conditions in the high mountains or in the coastal area, thus allowing the guests to try and make the most of any possible variations in the different microclimates. We can also try and predict the weather for the rest of that day, of course we are not always 100% correct!